Media Literacy – Fake News

Why It’s Important To Teach Children Film & Media Literacy:

Because children deserve an interactive, creative and safe childhood.

Media and technology nowadays have transformed how we consume
products, movies, stories, how we live our lives
and how our children live their childhood.
Today’s children are spending more time with more kinds of screens,
at younger and younger ages.

A recently released study found that children 0-8 years
spent an average of 3 hours a day with screens.

This workshop is designed to help children
understand the risks of media consumption (including the risk of addiction)
and teach them how to switch this story around and create their own media
to put their message out there.

At the end of one semester workshop,
participants will be mindful when consuming media products,
rather than having these control their mindsets.

Children will know how to watch, process and create their own media
so they can use it to speak up rather than buying into commercials.

They will sense the hidden messages in movies and
will be able to distinguish fake from real news and, thus,
ultimately get one step closer to be the heros they oftentimes watch in movies
and dream to become.