Filmmaking & Media Literacy

Why It’s Important To Teach Children Digital, Film & Media Literacy:

Because by 2021 more than 80% of the internet content will be video.

Because children deserve an active childhood, even if that means to be mentally active in front of the screen.

They also deserve a safe and happy childhood, so they need to know how to sort through the noises out there.

Media and technology nowadays have transformed how we consume products, movies, stories,
how we live our lives and how our children live their childhood.
Today’s children are spending more time with more kinds of screens, on various platforms, all of which are designed to get children addicted at younger and younger ages.

A recently released study found that children 0-8 years
spent an average of 3 hours a day with screens.

And STILL today we’re so far behind. We teach children the alphabet, language, literature, grammar. But forget to give them the tools and to teach them the skills they need to navigate the complexities of the digital world and to consume media mindfully. In film and video there are certain tools you use and those tools become part of a vocabulary that’s just as valid as that vocabulary that is used in literature and language.

This workshop will help children understand the risks of media consumption (including the risk of addiction)
and will put the power back into their hands by helping them to create their own media rather than buying passively into what media conglomerates are trying to sell them.

During the workshop, filmmaker Andra together with the 2030, WHEN i GROW UP team guide the children on how to WATCH, PROCESS, CREATE, DISTRIBUTE and OPTIMIZE video content, including their own.

At the end of this workshop, children will understand:

  • how to consume media mindfully and how to avoid the risks of passive media consumption (including the opportunity costs of screen addiction on their childhood);
  • the behind-the-scenes of the big budget (usually American) media productions;
  • how to distinguish fake from real news and how to sense hidden messages in movies, video ads, commercials;
  • the Hero’s Journey – a common template used to write movie scripts, but also encountered in daily life
  • the 4 key factors of success and 7 proven steps for capturing their childhood moments into an inspiring audio-visual diary they can take action upon in real life;
  • how to use available child-friendly tools for filmmaking – Pocket Film Workshop with a CNA expert;
  • how to choose and use child-friendly digital platforms to share their content with the world;

Finally, we believe that filmmaking is a great way to reach out and connect to children, so we base our teaching method on ‘EduTation – Learn while being entertained at the same time’. At every step of their learning process, the participants will get the chance to interact with Florinel (the green guru cartoon plant) and cement their learnings in a community short-film co-created with the group.

Several other mini-workshops are included in this workshop:

  • Healthy lunch cooking with the participants (we have both a Nutritionist and a cook on board, guiding children into healthy and tasty lunch preparation)
  • Yoga & Mindfulness (the art of proper breathing with our Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor)
  • Dance breaks throughout the workshop with Zsofi, dance instructor


  • Where: @ LHoFT, 9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg
  • When: Saturday, from 10h00 to 18h00 
  • What the participants will prepare and eat for lunch (Saturday only): First course (Pulled jackfruit tacos. Pico de galo. Crispy cabbage. Vegan sour cream in a soft gluten free tortilla.); Dessert (Peanut butter chocolate avocado mousse. Vegan. Gluten free. No refined sugars and hella creamy.) Water; Healthy Snacks throughout the workshop.
  • What to bring: A yoga mat (or something similar), a notebook and a smartphone/camera.


Workshop schedule