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The Future Of Education Is Here: Learn while being entertained at the same time!

Children can’t be what they can’t see. And they can’t understand if they aren’t involved.

That’s why film and cartoons are the most effective methods to reach and connect to children.

Our workshops and products engage children in hands-on • participatory • eduTational experiences.

They are designed to fulfill the needs of today’s children so that they are fit to face tomorrow’s challenges!

Who is this for?

Our filmmaking workshops and latest eduTech tools are for anyone who work with young people, aged 4 to 11, and who want to upgrade their teaching methods.

How do we enhance your teaching?

Our proven methods bring new meaning to ‘Seeing is believing.’ Living the experience is understanding it.

Package A: Tailor-made, hands-on participatory filmmaking workshops to better explain and visualise complex subjects + Additional Bonuses

Package B: Play-and-learn filmmaking minikit to have your class more efficiently retain and cement information + Additional Bonuses

Package C: EduTational VR & interactive learning videos for children to have them discover and explore new worlds + Additional Bonuses

Package D: An inspiring digital book creation set-up to complement your curriculum and spark their imagination + Additional Bonuses

By the end of our programmes, you’ll be able to…

If you’re looking for

  • 21st-century eduTation: Learn by being entertained at the same time
  • Transformation rather than more information
  • Aid retention of information
  • Use film as an assessment tool
  • Use film for analysis and deduction
  • Engaged children happy to go to school


Fun • project-based • personalized • interactive • learning experiences GUARANTEED!