Yoga & Mindfulness

Why Mindfulness And Yoga For Children?

Because the only thing that stays with them from the moment they are born to the moment they die is their breath.

Because with every emotion they experience, their breath changes.

Because if they learn how to control their breath, they can navigate every situation in life.

So, why not first teach how to breathe properly before teaching the alphabet?

Did you know that yoga & mindfulness sessions are replacing detention
classes in primary schools throughout the USA.

What is more, meditation is being used in daycare to
keep children cool, calm and focused on learning.

During this workshop, we’ll equip the participants with daily simple habits they can do at home to lead a mindful life – like the habit of being mindful about how they are breathing.

We have a yoga & meditation coach on board who is guiding children through breathing and meditation practices.
This workshop is designed to relax our children and calm disruptive emotions.
But also to help them understand how to control their breath, so that they’ll use it correctly to navigate every situation in life.

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