Worried your child is missing out on real life by watching too many movies?

We know what it’s like. That’s why we have designed programs which easily reach, effectively teach and genuinely connect with children. We’re all about ‘eduTation’: LEARN WHILE BEING ENTERTAINED AT THE SAME TIME! With Florinel, kids’ Social-Emotional coach.

What The Parents Say

“My daughter loves these workshops. Andra is inspiring, fun and really encourages the kids to face their fears, be creative and chase after their dreams. The setting is relaxed, friendly and professional and the kids get fully involved in making their own stop motion movie, from storyboarding through to production and post production. Highly recommended.”

Helena O Hare

Mother of 10-year old

“Merci l’équipe pour ce samedi! Daniela veut maintenant devenir esthéticienne comme Silvie Super atmosphère!! Combien de fois on dort encore jusqu’au prochain atelier?!

Adina Lupu

Mother of 4-year old

“Thank you for the wonderful Sunday workshop. Tudor had a truly memorable time, and all kids enjoyed meeting you and creating their own first stop-motion clip. We recommend to every parent, who has no idea of how to organize a new birthday party, this creative workshop with Andra and his friend. Thanks again and we look forward to your next activities in Luxembourg. Tudor’s parents”

Maria Hambasan

Mother of 10-year old

“Thank you so much for a memorable moment on Saturday morning!  We had a lovely day and you made it a very special experience for all the kids.”

Renata Hoes

Mother of 10-year old


for 21st Century Children

Our core activity is filmmaking to enhance children’s social-emotional learning and strengthen their mental fitness.

Our Program fosters identity, agency and belonging building thus on a strong foundation so that, when your child’ll go out into the big big world, they’ll be going with a strong sense of self, purpose and can-do attitude.


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