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Media Literacy & Filmmaking Workshop (Toussaint Holiday)

Toussaint / All Saints Day Workshop For Kids

This one-week long workshop is for children aged from 4 to 11. Over this week, we’ll introduce the children to a variety of simple but effective filmmaking activities (live-action and animation) that will help invigorate, cement and enhance their learning process at school and in life.

This workshop is organised in the context of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2018 (UNESCO).

The workshop is run by filmmaker Andra and the mentors at 2030, WHEN i GROW UP.

100 % guarantee: YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THIS!

By now we know that one of the most effective ways to reach and connect with kids is through films. Given their attraction for kids, and the profound impact they often have, films can help build a bridge to learning. Children, in general, tend to be more attentive and cooperative when adults make use of their interest in films.


The participants will be creating together “Florinel at school” – a tale of adventure, friendship and fun!

  • In this story, the main hero, Florinel, represents the participants′ most daring desires but also stands up for their struggles and needs at school.
  • In the film, Florinel will both interact with the participants as well as with the characters and props created by them.
  • Through Florinel, the participants will tackle subjects spanning from literature over to science, social & emotional learning, history and math.
  • This media literacy & filmmaking workshop is a brilliant way to make the learning fun and creative, especially in a math context where kids usually have problems to learn and need to retain some abstract and formal concepts. Storytelling and visualising complex topics will help them easier retain information.
  • Our proven methods bring new meaning to ‘Seeing is believing.’ Living the experience is understanding it.
  • Our media literacy & filmmaking workshop can give children the chance to explore difficult subjects in a safe environment. It also allows the participants a chance to look deeply at the consequences of actions, outcomes and the options to take to rectify a situation.
  • During the workshop, participants will be diving into the whole production pipeline (from idea and visualising the story, creative brief, script, storyboard, planing over to shooting and final cut).
  • First, participants will be trying out a one-shot film with their smartphone (or any other camera).
  • Then, we’ll look at multi-shot filmmaking through five-shot films and finally we’ll progress to incorporating animation techniques into their learning process.

This one week-long workshop is an effective way for kids to gain both digital skills and media literacy while making the learning fun and creative, especially in a math theme where the kids usually have problems to learn and retain some abstract and formal concepts as well.

We’ll show them lots of inspirational examples of pupil produced films so that by the end of the week they will be fully up and running with using live-action and animation for eduTainment purposes.

Practical Info

  • Workshop language: depending on the group dynamics - English & French & German. We focus on hands-on project learning - seeing.
  • Personalised eduTation - reserved for a small group of MAXIMUM 10 children - 4 to 11 years old. We welcome a mix of ages and nationalities.


NB: your investment equals the fee for a babysitter, BUT we are more than that.

Those who enrol in the entire weekend’s workshop will receive the following:

  • The films made throughout the week.
  • A digital filmmaking mini-kit to help them produce and use their films as empowering tools for them to easier learn complex topics at school and in real life.
  • Digital Skills, Media Literacy and Filmmaking knowledge.
  • A community of like-minded peers, a safe environment for them to explore, fail, and learn while being eduTained.