How To Talk So They Listen


Why It’s Important To Teach Children The Value Of Assertive Communication:

Because the problem is, we forget to teach our children
how to actually think, problem solve
and how to communicate effectively and harmoniously,
because we are so busy with keeping them in line:
“Shh! Don’t talk. Be quiet! Not now!”

In most societies, children are taught
how to copy so they don’t ever dare to get out of the box.

This is poor conditioning for sorting through
the complexities of today’s postmodern world
as well as their future adult life.

21st-century life is becoming increasingly complex.

There is a lot of information out there and children – future grown-ups –
need to be able to filter and communicate the appropriate messages,
in an appropriate manner,
so that their needs are being met in a direct and respectful way,
while also acknowledging the impact
their messages might have on others.

At the end of the semester, your child will know
how to listen actively
and communicate harmoniously
without letting emotions standing in their way.