Mentor Of The Month: Meet Casius!

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The skill set that can empower kids to create a life they deserve.

Florinel: Hey! I’m Florinel. And… Who are YOU ?

Casius: Hello Florinel and thank you for this opportunity to share my expertise with the kids during the workshop.

I’m Casius Morea, I leave in Luxemburg together with my family since 2007 and I manage several companies that I built since 1998.

At 2030, WHEN i GROW UP I am the kids’ mentor on innovation & entrepreneurship.

Florinel: Wow! Really? How did you become who you are today?

Casius: When being a kid myself I tried already to create and develop some “business” ideas (I will share this with the kids as examples 😉), the target was to pay myself some toys I saw in a shop. This made me conscient of the fact that reaching a dream requires inspiration, motivation and a lot of work of course.  

Later on, while being a student, I combined university classes with different half time jobs, to pay myself everything around school fees. In 1998 when being student in Romania and France I created the first company, BWM Mediasoft Romania.

Then others followed and all of them are up and running, at different development levels (,,, etc.)

Florinel: Why should kids learn Innovation & Entrepreneurship?

Casius: As mentioned, it is important for children to understand that money do not fall from the sky or grow in some ATM at the bank.

To be able to have some money and pay you a product/service, you need to do something before, that is working.

It is a long process and if each of us can identify what he/she would like to do, then we might even not feel like working. 😉

Florinel: So, what will the children have learned by the end of the workshop?

Casius: At the end of the workshops the children will have learned to identify (or start to identify) how they can develop a small activity to raise some revenues.

As a first “business” they have done, something to told later to their own kids:

“When being a kid I’ve done this, to win my first revenues and buy some … Then I built company Y, what you all know today, the leader of its’ market!”

Our goal here is to empower the participants to search, decide, define and create their own opportunities so they can live the life they deserve.

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