A Letter from the Founder

Ever since I was young, my cause was children’s rights and my passion was writing and filmmaking. The poems I’d write would be my way of lobbying for children’s causes. I was just 11 years old when “Us, Children” was given the Weimar Buchloewe award and was published in a book.

Later on, I eventually became an adult, but I somehow always remained a child at heart. With nothing more than some Plasticine, a camera, and a dream, I started showing street children and children from hospitals in my hometown, Sibiu, how to create their own cartoon films.

When I graduated in film production, I wanted to produce content that really mattered, content that had the power to reshape education.

One way to do that, was by giving children the tools of Filmmaking and Film Literacy so they could cement the vision they had in their minds and recreate the dreams they held in their hearts rather than buying into what the media sells them.

By creating and watching their own superhero movies, their audiovisual diaries, children could take consistent action and keep growing towards their goals in life. Have you ever realised that movies are much more than entertainment? Films are powerful tools for self-awareness. Given their attraction for young people, and the profound impact they often have on their behaviour patterns, filmmaking and movies are excellent community tools but also help each individual child build a bridge to self-understanding. Many young people identify so strongly with the storylines and characters of such movies, that they want to become those heroes. So, why not become their own hero? Turning children into heroes – that became my mission. Through films, children can become what they envision themselves to be and parents can better understand their children and prepare them for their path.

With times changing and technology advancing, I’ve realised children face challenges that we may not even imagine. Filmmaking is not enough.

So, I’ve teamed up with several experts in various fields to mentor and introduce children in various modern disciplines and help them develop their independence, resourcefulness, imagination, and necessary life skills — all things to help a child live a fulfilled life. And keep on thriving as an adult.

Today we’re a small team of committed mentors who firmly believe in your child, are strongly cheering them on, and are hugely excited for the things they’re dreaming of and working toward.

Our mission is to take stuff out, rather than pouring more things in. We aim for transformation, rather than information. So, we’ve designed an online program as a step by step method for children to go from daydreamers to confident creators in about 1 month. This is available for children worldwide.

For children based in Luxembourg, we also run every year a four months mentorship programme.

Join our community and equip your child with the tools they need to thrive in 21st-century life.

Remember, they were born to live up to their highest potential.

With all our ❤️ love and appreciation,


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