How everything started

Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for children. The poems I’d write would be my way of lobbying for children’s causes. I was just 11 years old when “Us, Children” was given the Weimar Buchloewe award and was published in a book.

Eventually, I graduated from two of the Top Ten Film Academies in the world. I was hungry to produce content that really mattered, films that had the power to inspire the audiences of the world.

Later on, I eventually became an adult, but I somehow always remained a child at heart. With nothing more than some Plasticine, a camera, and a dream, I started showing street children and children from hospitals in my hometown, Sibiu, how to create their own cartoon films.

I wanted to give children the tool of Filmmaking and Film Literacy so they could cement the vision they had in their minds and recreate the dreams they held in their hearts through influential films that impact the world and, thus, keep them going towards their goals in life.

With times changing and technology advancing, I’ve realized children face challenges that we may not even imagine.

This made me thinking how I could use my knowledge as a film producer for things that really matter – EDUCATION. So, I’ve backed up my film production experience with an Oxford diploma in child coaching to help children learn easier, channel their energy toward positive personal growth, and help them get one step closer to what it is they want in life.

And so, I’ve changed the way film is being used by young audiences – transforming the viewer from a passive Dreamer into an active Doer. Back then, in 2010, having children create their own movies was something unusual. But filmmaking was soon to be children’s most powerful tool for expression and visualization.

And then I became a mother.

The moment I met my baby boy, new fears and worries started to rise.

What if my son won’t get the education and opportunities he needs to reach his most profound potential and live a fulfilled life? What if I won’t be there to care for him and protect him? What if…? What if…?

Anxiety kept me awake at night. There’s no question – we’re living in a time of economic uncertainty. To make matters worse, we’re not living on our own terms. We’ve forgotten about our childhood dreams, are confused about our identities, and got lost into what others expect from us. How can I set such a strong foundation that when he goes out into the world he’ll be going with a strong sense of who he is, of his why and his purpose, rather than wandering around about the meaning of life?

It made me think how I can integrate Media Literacy and Filmmaking in a more holistic educational approach to equip my child and other children out there with the 21st-century tools they need to thrive in life.

So, I’ve teamed up with several experts in various fields to coach and help our children develop independence, resourcefulness, imagination, and necessary life skills — all things to help a child accomplish their most profound purpose in life.

Today we’re a small team of committed individuals who firmly believe in your child, are strongly cheering them on, and are hugely excited for the things they’re dreaming of and working toward.

Our mission is to take stuff out, rather than pouring more things in. We aim for transformation, rather than more information. So, we’ve designed the program as a step by step method for children to go from daydreamers to confident creators in 8 months (6 months offline + 2 months online) — about the same amount of time a baby needs to grow in their mommy’s womb.

Remember, they were born for this.

With all our ❤️ love and appreciation,


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