Social & Emotional Relationships

Why It’s Important To Teach Children The Value Of Relationships:

In the end, the happiness, emotional security, and love we
have is a product of the relationships we’ve embraced and

Few things have as much influence and impact as our relationships,
and, thus our children need to learn to be selective of the positive,
rejective of the harmful
and learn how to navigate challenging situations such as

  • being bullied,
  • the loss of loved ones,
  • anxiety,
  • lack of self-confidence
  • and so many other emotional states.

We have a child psychologist on-board to help our participants understand their emotional states
and guide them through the labyrinth of other’s emotions.

Through the movies, they will watch and make together (if they’re enrolled for the full day programme),
our participants express, visualize and learn to evaluate their different
emotional states.

They learn how to understand and manage their relationships,
and how to be thoughtful and kind to each other.