Introduction To Social & Emotional Literacy

Why It’s Important To Teach Children The Value Of Social & Emotional Literacy:

In the end, the happiness, emotional security, and love we
have is a product of the emotions we’ve embraced and

Few things have as much influence and impact as our emotions,
and, thus our children need to learn to be selective of the positive emotions,
rejective of the harmful
and learn how to navigate challenging emotional situations such as

  • being bullied,
  • the loss of loved ones,
  • anxiety,
  • lack of self-confidence
  • and so many other emotional states.

We have Irene, a kinesiologist and a Happyness life-coach, on-board to introduce the participants to social & emotional literacy. This workshop is about helping the children understand their emotional states and express these assertively.

At the end of this workshop, children will easier understand and manage their emotions,
in the hope they will become more confident as well as thoughtful and kind to each other so they can build stronger relationships.

Several other mini-workshops are run by our mentors throughout this workshop:

  • Healthy lunch preparation with the participants
  • Yoga & Mindfulness (the art of proper breathing)
  • Dance breaks throughout the workshop
  • Filmmaking


  • When: First Saturday of October.
  • Where: @ LHoFT
  • Workshop language: English mainly.
  • Kindly note there will be a change in the menu. Participants are informed per e-mail.
  • What to bring: a Yoga mat.


Social and Emotional Literacy Workshop - schedule(1)