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no trouble sleeping

any first job day can be exhausting, but when you do something you are passionate about, you think you'll have enough time for sleep when you are gone...

a dream job is a tricky symbiosis, a biological relationship. creative ideas energize emotions and bump your body up. yippie-yi-yo-yippie-yi-yea, wanna bump yo' body, baby! so much inspiring energy that you just can't sleep at night. you put your passion, heart and soul into the game of life. you picture things. you make sense. you give a shape to that sense. soul searching. art is medicine for the soul, somebody said. others said, when you create, you experience the highest form of human existence, which is HOPE. it's true. you are a creator. and as a filmmaker, in this case - young actor - you create destinies - you hope and share hope. you create a life you love. at least you hope for it. and you hope you act on what you hope...

sooner or later, sometimes at early mornings, sometimes just before midnight, your body reminds you, you will only be a God when you have left things behind/beyond you. you are assured - delays are not denials. for the moment you are a mortal like all the others. nevertheless until this is to be confirmed, you learn and practice faith and faith is understanding the seasons of time, such as the seasons of your body. such as - it’s time to sleep. you can't fight it and sooner or later you let go. in fact, this whole story can turn out good: at least, it gets you a good sleep. unless you have a job you love.

long story short: after his first discovery day on the film set of Vers l'Ocean, Axel is happily exhausted. luckily, no trouble sleeping: he has chosen a career path he loves.

Will Axel manage to become the actor he dreams to be ? The hero’s journey… Stay tuned!

PS: If you haven't already done so, make sure you watch the first 2030, WHEN i GROW UP video co-created by Axel, Hugo, Maggy and Teo HERE 




where the magic takes place
for a first time as an actor, this garderobe is not bad
film setting to be built, film equipment to be installed - Axel has direct insight into the process of creating a worlds... and destinies.