This is what can happen, 
when you participate at 2030, WHEN i GROW UP


Has Luxembourg found their De Niro Jr. ?

When he grows up, Axel wants to be either a doctor or an actor.
For the time-being he is young enough to discover and express his creativity as an amateur actor, director and cameraman in the framework of 
2030, WHEN i GROW UP - a participatory film-making community for kids, in Luxembourg. 

The film-activities workshop 
2030, WHEN i GROW UP is conducted under the umbrella of Interactive Cinemeducaton asbl and co-produced by Andra Maria Matresu. Their aim is to use the audio-visual tool for personal development purposes - teach kids how to express their creativity through the art of stop-motion by mixing everyday objects, drawings and several digital forms of art into a catchy miniseries.
2030, WHEN i GROW UP also acts as a discovery stepping stone for young talents. Passionate children have the opportunity to be introduced to the entertainment industry. Axel, for instance, will have his first experience on a professional movie setting, in Berlin, during the first two weeks of august. He will make his debut on the movie "VERS L’OCEAN", directed by Sara Summa, produced by Leonie Minor und Ewelina Rosinska in the framework of DFFB and casting Tony de Maeyer a.o.

We will be back with Axel's views and impressions about the world of cinema.
For the moment, this little guy seems to be on the rise! And it can happen to anyone :)!! 

Love the journey!

PS: If you haven't already done so, make sure you watch the first 2030, WHEN i GROW UP video co-created by Axel, Hugo, Maggy and Teo HERE 


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