Using a camera, legos, paper, house objects, pens, mom's make-up, dad's necktie, granny's collection of spoons, kitchen ingredients, vegetables, fashion items, a photo camera and whatever crosses their way and sparks their imagination, children learn how to create their own media. That's how children use media, rather than being used by it. That's how they learn personal development by creating their web series in which they offer creative solutions to everyday adult life.

We conduct 6 hours long workshops and media seminars for children (4 to 11 years old).

We teach everything which is not taught in schools: soft-skills like collaboration, creative problem-solving, the hero's journey and, all in all, personal development through the means of participatory film-making.


Basically learn how to:

  • translate their own ideas into fresh, ground breaking audio-visual content
  • use cinema as a means of self-empowerment, mindfulness and self-observation
  • decode and understand the hidden messages within movies and cartoons
  • create their own stop-motion video
  • learn things they do not really get to learn in school, such as: self-awareness and self-reflection; logic and reasoning; creative imagination; problem-solving; collaboration; self-motivation; relationships; active listening and so much more in order to find their way through the complexity of human life;