Is your child struggling emotionally – at school, at home or simply in everyday life?

We know what it’s like. That’s why we have designed this program to easily reach, effectively teach and genuinely connect with children so they can turn into Superheroes by becoming emotionally aware and mentally strong.

What is Florinel’s SuperHeroes School?

You are loved. You are safe. You are bold. You are gifted. You are mindful. You are beautiful. You are worthy of all. YES! YOU are a Superhero.

Florinel’s Superheroes School is an interactive video-based coaching program that gives children the tools and teaches them the skills to thrive emotionally in daily life. Once they log into Florinel’s learning platform, participants will consume every week short episodes with Florinel, their main coach. Florinel shows the participants how to become emotionally aware and how to be mentally strong. He invites the learners to apply the learning in real-life, at their schools, in Luxembourg. Once they’ve had their real-world experiences, learners then come back on the platform and share their learning experiences with a community of like-minded children, peers and our other coaches, who are always on hand to support them.

Through this platform we aim to make Mental Health and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) go viral amongst kids 4 to 11 years old and deliver fun, interactive and most of all safe social learning experiences – both online and offline.

Our program promises to strengthen children’s confidence and develop their autonomous learning. Together – young and adults, teachers and parents – we have the power to gradually build an ecosystem of conscious Social-Emotional Learners and Mental Health Advocates and prevent issues such as anxiety, bullying, harassment, physical, emotional and mental agression, suicide.

How Does Florinel’s Superheroes School Work?

Most of the training is done online, inside a private, member only platform. Learners can watch the training videos, connect with a community of like-minded peers, discuss Mental Health challenges and exchange Social-Emotional Learning experiences with various other children and learners, at their own pace.

Every Sunday, Florinel shows up in short video modules with easy-to-follow call-to-actions and a Superhero roadmap done-for-your child to cement their growth journey, become emotionally aware, discover their superpowers, and stand up against bullying.

Every Sunday as well, immediately after Florinel’s appearance, a LIVE group coaching session with one of our real-life mentors takes place. During this one hour session, our real-life coaches follow-up on Florinel’s call-to-actions to ensure that learners take consistent action towards emotional self-regulation and mental health week after week. One child at a time.

The Superheroes School also includes weekly interactive components, like daily online support where the learners in our member area can chat with Florinel and ask the community questions. Florinel fosters an interactive and constructive learning process and a safe space for children to share their voices and reveal their social-emotional experiences with their community, so that they don’t feel alone in their struggles. The program overall is designed to foster children’s social-emotional well-being, strengthen their mental health and locate identity, agency and belonging in Florinel’s community, in Luxembourg and, hopefully, beyond borders.


How do I know if Florinel’s Superhero School is right for my child?

Florinel’s Superhero School is right for those children, 4 to 11 years old, who want to develop superheroes habits by learning how to:

  • Deal with bullying at school
  • Self-regulate their emotions
  • Turn from shy into confident
  • Use jealousy to their advantage
  • Express their anger constructively
  • Handle and deal with negative thoughts
  • Use their emotions instead of letting their emotions use them
  • Reduce stress and pressure
  • Navigate the pain, struggle and challenges that life presents them with
  • Cultivate harmonious relationships at school and at home
  • Find fulfilment and joy in everyday learning
  • Align their actions with their highest values and grow towards their potential
  • Find purpose and channel their energy towards putting that into action
  • Participate in Superheroes Meetups and create new positive friendships with like-minded children all over Luxembourg
  • Become a force for good in their daily life
  • And much much more

What’s included in my monthly membership?

Each week, your child will watch a short video with Florinel, their main coach. These encounters are usually structured as ‘Social-Emotional Learning’ stories to help children easier identify with the storylines and main characters. Every month delves into a certain emotion.

Through Florinel’s stories children will develop emotional awareness and learn:
• To recognize and identify feelings and emotions;
• To understand where their emotions are coming from;
• How to respond: Turn their emotions into superpowers → Have their emotions work for them, not against them;
• To set emotional goals, so that their experience of emotions can be constructive, not destructive;
• To process and navigate their emotions and reach the desired emotional state with the help of a personalized tool – the Atlas of Emotions – they will be creating and developing throughout these encounters;

Most of all, your child will learn that they are not alone.

Each week as well, as a member, your child will join a LIVE group coaching session with our real-life coaches to discuss their real-world learning experiences, receive support throughout their journey and unleash their secret powers. Our real-life coaches are going to support your child with personalised strategies, techniques and tips to uncover their resources, be their very best self and grow into the heroes they dream to be. The focus will be on embedding Social-Emotional Learning and Mental Health practices into children’s daily habits. Your child can attend all these sessions live or receive the replay recordings in their private members area.

As a member they’ll also get access to 5 special bonuses each month:

Who Teaches The Superheroes School?

The star of ‘The Superheroes School’ is Florinel, who shows up in all the weekly video-based coaching sessions. Florinel is charming, cheerful, optimistic and the children quickly attach themselves to him because they are attracted to his positive energy.

Florinel comes to kids’ homes, playgrounds, schools and teaches them valuable lessons about emotional self-regulation and particularly how Social-Emotional Learning can help prevent and navigate bullying situations.

Florinel is backed-up by the real-life coaches during the online LIVE coaching sessions. And he continues to be supported by children, schools, adults, parents, communities and everyone who applies the learning in real life.



Who is behind Florinel? Andra is the producer of Florinel and The Superheroes School.

She is a mother, a digital native, a filmmaker and a fierce advocate for introducing Social-Emotional Learning in schools and using Media Literacy & Filmmaking to turn passive consumers into doers. Andra has also earned specialisation in ‘Youth and Positive Cinema Therapy with Children and Adolescents’.

In 2018, UNESCO has appointed her as an expert on Media Literacy for Youth during the Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2018 (UNESCO).

Andra’s mission with the Superheroes School platform is to enable children’s mental and social-emotional growth. Because when children unlock the power of their emotions, they can truly live up to their highest potential, and eventually, everyone will benefit for now and generations to come.

What’s the Investment? Are There Payment Plans?

The investment is 39 EUR on a monthly basis and there are no contracts or monthly obligations. You can cancel anytime.

Are There Scholarships Programs? YES! Your child gets to share our program with a bully or with someone who is bullied at school.

Personalised and entertaining Mental Health and SEL training for children is at the heart of what we do! When you buy a membership, our and your impact with the program continues to expand. Since day one of enrollment, your child will get to literally turn into a force for good through our ‘Buy a Membership, Give a Membership’ program.

Your child will have the chance to invite a victim of bullying to participate in our program.

For your child, it doesn’t cost anything to serve, but will turn them into responsible humans, develop empathy and compassion and boost their confidence when they stand up against bullying. When they feel they have the power to positively impact another child’s life, they will develop a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. That’s how they turn into Superheroes – by doing something that’s bigger than themselves.

HOW CAN I ENROL MY CHILD TO The Superheros School?

If you want to enroll your child in our program, let’s first get to know each other a bit better so we can make sure that we are the right fit for your child. Just send an email to florinel@2030whenigrowup.org

A Final Note From Florinel

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.

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