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The audio-visual methods nowadays empower children

to create and express their own story. To get their voice heard. To learn – about themselves and others. About a culture. To travel to unknown places and discover how children out there live. To practice a language. Animation, film and video-making, AR and VR tools, can help children design their own hero’s journey & act upon it until they turn into the best versions of what they dream to become. “The future is not a place to go, it is a place we create.”

These tools allow for a never-ending educational experience, a way of
discovering which direction children need to take
their callings and passions, how to lead creative
lives, and to learn and share their ideas and
concerns about the future.

Our goal is 2030. By that time we will have fostered creative
mindsets. We will have set up the foundation for tomorrow’s
leaders. And who knows ? Maybe we will have even
discovered some rising famous inventors, actors and film-

We put all our efforts in teaching children how to watch, process and create their own media so they can use it to speak up rather than buying into commercials. We empower to share their own message with the world and with the future adult version of themselves. Therefore we use participatory film making workshops and related age-specific film activities to help children understand and get one step closer to the hero version they oftentimes watch in movies and dream to be.

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So far 2030, WHEN i GROW UP has met with great success – both in Romania’s hospitals, where the workshops were first launched, as well as in Luxembourg.

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