Sustainable Planet Earth

Why Care About Our Planet? 

Because this Planet is (still) our future. Or not. It all depends on how we treat her, mother nature.

Technologies promote sustainable energy including
renewable energy sources such as:
solar energy,
wind energy,
wave power,
geothermal energy,
tidal power
and technologies designed to improve
energy efficiency. And saving lots of money – like!
But enough theory!

During this workshop, we have on board a former several-times awarded TESLA employee and entrepreneur in the field of Sustainable Energy.

Children will see how simple it is to use mother nature to produce energy through wind,
water, and sunshine.
These sources are non-polluting and good for preserving the nature.

By the end of this workshop, children will have a better idea of how to preserve Planet Earth – including how to reduce their parents’ electricity bills ;). 

They will experiment within playful STEM activities and hands-on learn:

– The difference between alternative energy resources – renewable and non-renewable energy

– Understanding of Wind, Solar and Hydro Powered models that are all operational. So they will hands-on experiment, compare and contrast the power and efficiency of these energy resources

– Hands-on learning to build renewable energy models which conserve energy (integrating a little bit of maths) 

– Fun and playful ways to cut back on energy use

– Finally – Why it’s important to be mindful about sustainable enrgy and do all of the above on a daily basis

The workshop is broken up by several activities – like healthy lunch preparation, mindfulness, relaxing techniques and filmmaking to cement children’s learning journey.


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