How Movies Teach Being Assertive

Why It’s Important To Teach Children The Value Of Assertive Communication:

Because the quality of our lives equals the quality of our communication.

The problem is, in school children are rarely taught how to actually think or problem solve and how to communicate effectively – without letting their emotions stand in their way. Instead, in most schools children are taught how to copy and memorize things — and then promptly forget them. This poorly suits them for sorting through the complexities of nowadays postmodern world as well as their future adult life. More than that, in the 21st century, life is getting really complex. There is a lot of information out there and, children – future grown-ups –  need to be able to filter and communicate the appropriate messages in an appropriate manner so that their needs are being met in a direct and respectful way.

We will start by defining what assertiveness is. Then we watch movies and edit ourselves different versions of movies where assertiveness is being applied vs. where assertiveness is lacking. All of this helps our students understand the value of assertiveness and best-practices.