through the eyes of a child: SHAVING

Back to our childhood dreams, when the only fake friends we had were imaginary ones.

We all had dreams. Some of us wanted to be an aviator. Or a painter. Or a manager. Others had more extravagant dreams, such as being an orthodontist. Or a paleontologist. Or the president. Others again just dreamed about simple things, such as shaving... and growing up.

Our hero is impatient. It is preparing for the role of his life. Njoy!

2030, WHEN i GROW UP atelier is more than just creating a short movie together.

It is a never-ending educational experience, a way of discovering in which direction children need to take their own passion, lead a creative life, learn and share their ideas or concerns about the future.

Lunch Break: Creative parents can help children in all areas of development, even while eating. Our workshop schedule comprises a daily lunch break and several short breaks, all of which are a great opportunity for language exchange and building new friendships.