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The ideal place for children to explore • fail • repeat


Learn while being entertained at the same time.

Through our workshops and program we aim to set such a strong foundation that when your child is going out there, into the world, they will be going with a strong sense of authenticity, and fuel and purpose to live a life meaningful and fulfilling to them and leave a positive impact on those around them.

What do we teach?

A new event for kids every month

  • 22nd to 23rd of September: Media Literacy & Filmmaking For Children
  • 29th to 30th of September: Financial Literacy & Filmmaking For Children
  • 06th to 07th of October: Socio-Emotional Literacy & Filmmaking For Children
  • UPDATE! New date: 24th to 25th of November: Public Speaking & Filmmaking For Children
  • 01st to 02nd of December: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Filmmaking For Children
  • 05th to 06th of January: Sustainable Energy & Filmmaking For Children
  • 02nd to 03rd of February: Blockchain & Filmmaking For Children

#Bonus 1 included in every event

  • Mini-workshop about Healthy Eating because food plays a key role in body and brains′ functioning.

#Bonus 2 included in every event

  • Mini-workshop about Yoga & Meditation because when they learn to control their breathing, they can navigate every situation in life. And learn better.

#Bonus 3 included in every event

  • Filmmaking to cement their learning process and enhance their possibilities through the power of visualisation.

#Bonus 4 included in every event

  • Dance breaks with a professional dancer throughout the workshop hours.

#Bonus 5 included in every event

  • Many more surprises revealed during the workshops!

Even MORE bonuses if you susbcribe to the whole 6 months program 👇

#Online Bonus: Florinel’s Productivity Program called “The Hero’s Journal”.

  • We call this the implementation module. It’s a 60 days online program which will happen after the six months offline workshops held in Luxembourg. We′ve designed it as a step-by-step guidance where Florinel helps your child take courageous, consistent action to bring their goals to life. Because without action is worthless.

#Hero Bonus: Your Child’s Early Impact On The World

  • Your child gets to already make this world a better place by giving back to less privileged children from Romania. Your child will give them the gift of education, Florinel′s 60-days Follow-Through Formula.

Our program helps children evolve from daydreamers to confident creators in just about 8 months.

At the end of our programs, children will:

  • Gain absolute clarity on their biggest dream and how to make that happen.
  • Learn how to cultivate harmonious relationships.
  • Find fulfillment and joy in their everyday learning.
  • Learn how to handle and deal with negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Reduce stress and frustration. Because - yes - today’s children are stressed too!
  • Overcome the pain, struggle, and challenges that life faces them with.
  • Create new positive friendships through teamwork with like-minded children and adults.
  • Find and live their purpose and real potential.
  • Develop the skills they need to thrive in daily life: focus, confidence, empathy, self-discipline, self-knowledge, determination and problem-solving.
  • Learn how to become the heroes in their lives.

Prepare the child for the path. And not the path for the child.