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Our Mission

Our mission is to help children between 4 and 11 years old set the foundation for healthy mindsets
and get one step closer to their creative potential by using
media literacy and modern edutech tools – filmmaking and animation –
as a powerful means of self-growth and personal development.

Our education concept upends a longstanding teaching
Today’s educators are no longer just
classroom leaders. They are also inspiring
helpmates. Mentors.

Pupils and educators cluster together to explore the world,
cooking recipes, making organic shampoos,
creating stories and characters they dream about
pursuing as grown-ups,
and tackling subjects which spark their imagination and help them
problem-solve and express themselves through filmmaking and animation.

Working at their own pace, they use their
hands, their brains and the newest software to select their
own assignments and create their own path in life rather than
buying into what the media sells them.

Should they struggle at teaching themselves, our mentors are on
hand and focused to guide them.

How We Work

Happy environment

Interior Means Of Transportation

Active learning

Full Day Session

Creativity · Problem-Solving · Innovation

Personalised Education

Real Life Coaching

Mentors - Leaders In Their Field