When I’ve started 2030, WHEN i GROW UP, my primary intent was to recreate and honour childhood.

At the Ideas From Europe competition last year, in Luxembourg, I’ve talked about how we, as parents, can be creative and prepare our kids towards a fulfilled adulthood.


And no, we don't do this by immersing them into adult topics or giving them the (material) world.


I personally won't buy my kids fancy clothes or toys. I'd rather give them the tools to create all they want by themselves - the same way I discovered all by myself how to create my own toys, clothes and... dreams as a child.


Childhood serves a very real purpose, it’s the time of our lives.

A time we could cement in our minds. In our hearts. In our mindsets.


When having the means and tools, we could even translate the best days of our lives into audiovisual memories. Memories to remember more easily and remind our kids - tomorrow's future adults - of the child within themselves.


As parents, we often tend to forget childhood is not something to "get through." It's there to develop young minds so our kids can grow into healthy and happy adults.


Read HERE about what your kids really need, but more than that this article will help you stay inspired on raising truly happy children - tomorrow's fully fulfilled adults.


And next time you are looking for some more practical inspiration on how to be a creative parent, think of us, at 2030, WHEN i GROW UP.


We give kids the tools to create, watch & pursue their dreams!

HERE's how we do it!

And THIS is what parents think of us.


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