"What happens to us in the future ? Do we become assholes or something?" this is what Marty McFly asked his girlfriend on this day, in 1985. Back then he traveled 30 years into the future. Today is the day he visited. Doc Brown sent him. Here is a message from Doc himself. 


2030, WHEN i GROW UP also celebrates with the world by tuning in and watching the movie Back To The Future to see how wrong (and how RIGHT) they were. 


Will you do the same in 2030 ?

Will you tune in to watch what have our heroes - AxelElsa, Hugo, Lucie and so many others - become ?

Today our participants, who create, shoot and play their own hero's journey, are between 4 and 11 years old. 2030... By that time they, hopefully, will be Grown Ups between 19 and 30.


Let's follow them on their journey until they finally do what they are here to do.


PS: what will you be doing in 2030 ? What about your kids ? Any plans, ideas, expectations ? We would be delighted to hear from you, below, in our comments section.

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    Thierry (Thursday, 22 October 2015 12:52)

    hey Doc, wow, the World has changed so much since 1986. Now, I am using an iphone, i watch tv shows and TV online, everyone that I know is using Facebook and electric cars are invading Luxembourg and the World. But of course, we need guidelines, we need to learn how to use this technologies because sometimes I feel that "I" am being used by it. Thanks to 2030, WIGU I know that the future generation will be aware of how of to take advantage of all this great progress. THANK YOU WIGU

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    Write My Essay For Me - (Friday, 02 June 2017 05:57)

    The future will be a combine of novelty like PC chips adequately little to bring in inside the human body to immature cell ask about curing.